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CSE Essentials Placement Essay - College of Saint Elizabeth

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CSE Essentials Placement Essay


This essay will be used to assess your reading and writing skills and to determine your placement in one of the CSE Essentials Element I courses. We do not expect perfection in this essay, but we do expect that you will spend time thinking about the topic and planning an essay that will clearly demonstrate your level of writing proficiency. You should spend some time planning your essay before you begin writing, and leave a few minutes at the end to revise and proofread.

Please note that it is to your benefit to be placed into the correct writing course. As a result, please write the essay on your own, without outside assistance.

You have 3 hours to complete and submit your essay.


In today's busy world, each of us is required to play many roles. Think about at least three roles that you find yourself playing at this stage in your life, explain what they are, and how you see yourself fulfilling them. Strive to explain your ideas fully enough that a reader who does not know you will clearly understand why you feel the way you do.

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