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Alumni Relations - Class Representatives - College of Saint Elizabeth


Due to the pending snow storm, all classes and outside sponsored events have been canceled for Tuesday, March 14, 2017 as the College will be closed.

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Alumni Relations - Class Representatives

To get in touch with your class rep, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations for their email address or phone number.

Class of
First Name
Maiden Name
Last Name
1938 Winifred Davidson Harback
1942 Jessica Clayton Kilduff
1945 Mary Jane   Waldron
1946 Eileen Caffrey Wyrough
1947 Catherine   Powers
1948 Joan Crowley Conroy
1948 Marion Pascal Pocelinko
1951 Eleanor Cardinal Courter
1952 Ann Johnson Brutzman
1953 Mary Lou Doherty Fieseler
1954 Dorothy Dittrich Dwyer
1955 Peggy Welsh Byrne
1955 Mary Mazzarella DeMayo
1956 Mary Gately Duffy
1956 Virginia Walsh Lund
1957 Alice Devine Connolly
1958 Patricia Gleeson Bligh
1959 Joann Falco Ranalletti
1959 Maureen   Carroll
1960 Patricia Quinn Cagnassola
1960 Judith Regan Messing
1961 Patricia Coyle Conneen
1962 Mary Minick Ackerman
1962 Angela Anselmi Byrne
1963 Ella Pandiscio DeNault
1964 Margaret Kargl Trerotola
1964 Sarina Adamo Rostek
1964 Patricia Kargl Benosky
1965 Rose Marie   La Bella
1966 Patricia   Connors
1966 Joan Ferraro Albus
1967 Claire Sullivan Skelton
1968 Carolyn Pape Keenen
1968 Carol Alerine Schebe
1969 Adeline Burke Rufino
1970 Margaret O'Neil Ell
1973 Gertrude Schultes Duardo
1974 Mary Preston Hardesty
1974 Patricia   Bergen
1977 Debra Stankus Smith
1978 Nancy Degelmann Watkinson
1979 Kathleen   Holly
1980 Jane Grossman Cheetham
1981 Nancy Slavic Herbert
1982 Beth Backus Lozier
1984 Lynn-Beth Schwarz Satterly
1984 Carolyn Harder Griedl
1985 Donna Rondinelli Price
1986 Karen Kildea Stecher
1987 Susanne   Reilly
1987 Mary Ellen Fraatz Roberts
1988 Aileen Holliger Lange
1989 Eileen Weber Ng
1990 Jean Zupko Knapp
1991 Linda Yatchisin Dodd
1992 Marilyn   DeNapoli
1992 Laura Nicinski Cotten
1993 Laura Nicinski Cotten
1993 Carla   Costa
1994 Lillian Hansen Moser
1995 Andrea Skoufis Wheeler
1996 Cara Stevens Welker
1997 Danielle Stout Koester
1999 Toni Ann Ferraro Thompson
2000 Jennifer   Cusmano-King
2001 Christie   Schwaikert
2002 Valeta Leigh   Pafford
2004 Nancy Dixon Fisher
2004 Lauren   Mabey
2005 Mallory   Symczak
2007 Melissa   Banis
2008 Christina Miller Busch
2009 Barbara   Herter
2010 Sabrina   Nowosielecki
2011 Alexandra   Altonjy-Carroll
2014 Brianna   Winning
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Founded in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, the College of Saint Elizabeth has a strong tradition of concern for the poor, for developing leadership in a spirit of service and social responsibility, and a commitment to the promotion of women as full partners in society.

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