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Due to the pending snow storm, all classes and outside sponsored events have been canceled for Tuesday, March 14, 2017 as the College will be closed.

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Annual Fund Office

Tanya Sorce, Director
Santa Rita Hall 304

Phone: (973) 290-4465

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M-F: 8am-4pm

Giving to CSE - Ways to Give

There are many ways of contributing to the College of Saint Elizabeth. Some forms of giving can provide immediate income tax deductions for the donor, estate tax benefits for heirs, and/or life income for donors and other beneficiaries.

Click the links below to jump to a specific type of gift:

Cash Gifts

Simple, direct, the most common method of making a gift. Cash provides immediate support to the College.

Checks should be made out to: College of Saint Elizabeth

And mailed to:
College of Saint Elizabeth
Office of Institutional Advancement
2 Convent Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Please be sure to indicate whether your gift is for the Annual Fund or for a designated purpose, and whether it is restricted and/or in honor or memory of someone.

You may also make your gift by Credit Card either online, or by calling the Office of Institutional Advancement at (973) 290-4465.

We gladly accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa.

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Matching Gifts

Many companies will match gifts to higher education, which can double or even triple a donor's gift to the College. Your total gift then would include your personal donation as well as the matching gift and will be reflected in your gift membership level.

To give an example, if you make a gift of $500 to the College of Saint Elizabeth, and your company equally matches that gift, you will be credited with a gift of $1,000 and become a member of the Seton Society of the President's Council.

To determine whether your company or your spouse's company participates in a matching gifts program, please check their Human Resources Department or visit to search online.

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Gifts of Securities

Gifts of appreciated stock are advantageous to the donor, who receives an income tax deduction based on the current value of stock, while avoiding tax on capital gain.

When you decide to give stock to the College, please be sure to notify the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Sally Cleary at (973) 290-4455 or Tanya Sorce, Director of the Annual Fund at (973) 290-4465. They can provide you with information on how to make the transfer.

Alternatively, you can print these detailed Instructions on How to Give Stocks (PDF).

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Gifts of Insurance

Insurance gifts result in tax deductions for the donor who transfers ownership and names the College of Saint Elizabeth as beneficiary of a new or existing policy.

The policy may be paid-up, and no longer necessary as life situations change, or it may require premium payments to continue. In the latter case, if the donor continues to pay the premiums, the payments are fully deductible as outright cash gifts.

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Gifts from an Estate

A Bequest

Cash, securities, real estate or other property may be bequeathed to the College of Saint Elizabeth by a clause in the donor's will, or by a codicil added to the will. The donor retains full control and use of the property during their lifetime.

At the time of the donor's death, the bequest qualifies as a charitable deduction for estate tax purposes.

A bequest may be made for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or as a contingent gift, depending on the circumstances of the other beneficiaries. It is important that bequests be correctly designated to: College of Saint Elizabeth, 2 Convent Road, Morristown, NJ 07960.

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Life Income Gifts

The opportunities for charitable gifts are many and varied. You may discover that one of many forms of planned giving will help you accomplish your financial goals by providing for the College of Saint Elizabeth while helping to secure your family's financial future.

For example, by creating a charitable trust with appreciated assets, you may accomplish a number of objectives. Among them:

To encourage charitable giving, the United States government has enacted laws providing significant tax benefits for donations to qualified charities, such as the College of Saint Elizabeth. For example, irrevocable life income gifts provide a tax deduction for a gift that will not be received by the College of Saint Elizabeth until the end of the life of the donor (and/or other beneficiary).

In the meantime, the income generated by the gift is received by the donor (and/or someone they designate).

Charitable remainder trusts are life income gifts. It is especially advantageous to fund life income gifts with securities that have appreciated in value. The donor receives a tax deduction – and income – based on the current value of the securities, but there are no taxes on the capital gain.

A charitable lead trust behaves in the opposite way. Funds put into trust pay income to the College of Saint Elizabeth for a set period of years, after which the asset returns to the donor or someone they designate. Lead trusts are often used to transfer assets to children or grandchildren, while making a meaningful gift and saving on taxes.

The tax deduction in the year of the gift is determined by actuarial tables, and is related to the age of the donor and/or other income beneficiaries – as well as the specific type of gift.

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A Life Estate Gift

An individual may receive tax benefits by making a gift of their personal residence to the College of Saint Elizabeth, while continuing to live in it for their lifetime – and also retaining lifetime residence rights for a spouse or other party. In one variation, a life estate donation is combined with a life income gift, permitting the College of Saint Elizabeth to provide the donor with income for life as well.

Please note: The purpose of this document is to provide general information only. For specific applications, please consult your legal or financial advisors.

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Founded in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, the College of Saint Elizabeth has a strong tradition of concern for the poor, for developing leadership in a spirit of service and social responsibility, and a commitment to the promotion of women as full partners in society.

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