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Information Technology - Acceptable Use Policy - College of Saint Elizabeth
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Information Technology - Acceptable Use Policy

The College of Saint Elizabeth's computing, communication, and information resources are owned by the College and shared by the campus community of faculty, students, and staff. The primary purpose of these resources is to support teaching and learning, the central focus of the College's purpose.

Access to the College's computing, communication, and information resources is a privilege that may be withdrawn if an employee or student misuses these resources. Users of the College's computing, communication, and information resources must understand that there is no expectation of privacy in their use; that while the College does not routinely monitor student or employee use of the Internet, email, voice transmissions by telephone or mobile phone, TXT messaging, instant messaging, voice mail, etc., it reserves the right to access communications and other data using College hardware, software, and information systems for its legitimate business or academic purposes.

Consistent with the College of Saint Elizabeth's mission and values, it is expected that the College's computing, communication, and information resources are accessed and used in an ethical manner, respecting the rights and privacy of others. The resources should be used for legitimate academic and administrative purposes. Users should adhere to high moral, legal, and professional standards as they use the College's information systems.

This Acceptable Use Policy is a guide to the acceptable use of computing, communication, and information resources of the College of Saint Elizabeth; responsibilities of users; and administration of this policy. The computing, communication, and information resources, otherwise referred to as "information systems", include data (files, email, text messages, voice mail), records, software applications, storage media, networks, voice communications, video and multimedia systems, and other computer equipment. This Acceptable Use Policy is not intended to abridge academic freedom, constitutional guarantees of free speech, or freedom of expression. The use of information technology resources is available to all members of the College community. While the rights of academic freedom and intellectual creativity are recognized, the interests of the College, students, faculty, and staff must be protected. In addition to consideration of legal liability issues, the institutional image and reputation of CSE are valuable assets requiring protection.


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